1.     Be sure at all times to have enough ‘stuff’ to be very messy. (The chaos is creative)

2.     Try to organise things meticulously.

3.     Think about trying to be clinical (not emotional)

4.     Mourn without sparing.

5.     Make sure that all ideas, fleeting or not are written down in a notebook and carried on you at all times.

6.     Be completely inspired by everyday mundane things. (Consider their worth)

7.     Always wear your heart on your sleeve.

8.     Take as many photographs as possible of everything all of the time.

9.     Laugh out loud lots.

10.  When a piece of work has no more that can be done to it look back at the note book and start a fresh.

As a recently graduated student i have come to terms with the way in which I am creating art and am excited to by my practice daily. I changed the way in which I was creating art and have progressed my practice into an interesting examination of the human condition through the analysis of the everyday.

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