This is a short film my friend SAMMYj made, its a film named TOIL.


It is a film that SAMMYj made to try and show the thought process through to the showing of a piece of work. 

His shots are beautiful, and I think it is pensive throughout, if not a little embarrassing  !

The film focuses on one particular project I was working on early in my third year. 

(DISCLAIMER :  I wasn't feeling very well when we filmed, and it was very close to deadline time, also I have since lost almost 2stone ... (Thank Goodness!) 



Iam 23 years old, I wish I was 21 again. I never thought I'd say that .. I worry i am becoming my mother. 

I'm currently Studying at Staffordshire University, where I have been here for 4 years and stoke ha become my home, however my heart lies with the sea. Im originally an island dweller hailing from the beautiful Isle of Man. 

I was going to be an astronaut and then decided physics was something that my little brain couldn't comprehend.

 Then I was going to be singer, but I can't really sing. 

So An artist it is, but dont be fooled, my passion for art runs deep. I love art and was one of those little girls who went nowhere without her colouring in book and crayons. 

 I began to realise whilst at school that art and art based subjects were the ones I most excelled in, and carried on with textiles up until I finished sixth form. I applied to university but came to the realisation that I wasn't quite ready to leave my island home.

I studied at the Isle of Man college for a year under the watchful, and ever helpful Ian Coulson. I loved my year at college, I can never thank my tutors for all of the help that gave me in that year, they truely helped me to become the artist that I am today. I can say without any doubt that i wouldnt be here today if it weren't for them. I left college on a high with a show for my final major project that I was happy with and managed to sell one of pieces too. 

That first sale will always be my proudest, and was the reason I have endeavored; (Thank You Mr and Mrs North.) 

 University has been amazing, I have definately made some of the best friends I will ever have whilst here and am absolutely petrified about what my life holds for me. 

However, I have a vague five year plan, and hope to be in New York City this time next year, to live the dream!   

I am looking into studying a masters degree. I want to do this as an international student at a university outside of the uk. Iam currently looking at New York University, America and Melbourne university Australia. 

 Im lucky enough to have spent a lot of time outside of the uk and even outside of europe, seeing the world is very important to me, I want to see it all and plan on travelling for as long as my body will allow.




 I think an artist statement needs to be something which gives a higher level of understanding to the work that is being created. 

My artists statement changes constantly as does my practice, but his is the way in which my work is being formed at the moment. 

I have been creating rules for my art recently. These are the rules that make my art.

1.     Think about artworks that you have made in the past.

2.     Believe that the next piece of art you are going to make is going to be the best yet.

3.     Ignore the themes you may have used in previous works, and decide to produce work outside of your ‘comfort zone’.

4.     Collect and carry on collecting (indefinitely) pieces of materials (paper, plastic, beads, bits of stuff...) that may possibly be used for an art project at some point.

5.     Be sure at all times to have enough ‘stuff’ to be very messy. (The chaos is creative)

6.     Try to organise things meticulously.

7.     Think about trying to be clinical (not emotional)

8.     Be completely inspired by everyday mundane things.

9.     Always wear your heart on your sleeve.

10.  Make up some rules that will help you to draw a lined picture.

11.  Be very apologetic at all times.

12.  Take as many photographs as possible of everything all of the time.

13.  Laugh out loud lots.

14.  Make sure that all ideas, fleeting or not are written down in a notebook and carried on you at all times.

15.  Ensure that you have an everlasting feeling of guilt surrounding you.

16.  Make sure that your guilt is used in some way to at least think about your art work.

17.  Be sure to have a genuine interest in contemporary artists.

18.  Speak to your peers and talk about one or more of the ideas that you have noted down in your book.

19.  Do not be afraid to embrace other people’s suggestions and ideas.

20.  Talk about your work all the time to as many different people as possible.

21.  Make notes somewhere about the conversations you have had with people about the art.

22.  Spend a lot of time researching artists and what is going on in the art world.

23.  Forget the name of every artist you have looked at. Later research them again.

24.  Collect all striking images or images of interest in a book or folder.

25.  Use ‘facebook’ as a discussion panel; when needing help to find artists or inspiration.

26.  Be aware at all times of the lifestyle you have chosen, and how it is affecting your work.

27.  Be constantly aware of the pros and cons of the lifestyle you have chosen, dismiss them and carry on.

28.  Have so many ideas that you don’t know what to do with them.

29.  Research Tomma Abts’ paintings.

30.  Where possible let other people make decisions for you, if other people are not available use a coin.

31.  Look at artists suggested by tutors.

32.  Consider artistic movements. Make sure that, at all times there is at least one ‘To Do List’ in your notebook.

33.  Research Sol leWitt’s geometric drawings.

34.  Read ‘Juxtapoz magazine’ online or in print whenever possible.

35.  Experiments must come as a consequence of starting. (Not as a consequence of forward planning.)

36.  When deciding whether a piece has been successful or not question ask everyone you know what they think about it.

37.  Make sure that the most important things are written on post it notes.

38.  Think about the rules that you don’t live by in life but should.

39.  Bring your support network of peers who are in your life outside of the studio into your art life to support you there too.

40.  Be very grateful of everyone who is in your life.

41.  Mourn without sparing.

42.  Completely bury your head in the sand when you feel like it may be too much. (good ways to do this are: by avoiding your artist studio , going out drinking, staying in bed and ignoring your laptop and telephone. )

43.  Be aware of rules set out for you by other people, try not to break them.

44.  Let people reassure you.

45.  Be very aware of your relationships with everyone you know, be over critical of your own behaviour within them.

46.  Don’t live off people’s reassurance, make sure something gets done as a consequence of the head burying.

47.  Print off all the pictures that have been taken .

48.  Decide that all of your images collected in the book/folder need to be properly put into a nice sketchbook and do it all again.

49.  Privilege some of the photos.

50.  Think about ‘what your parents would say’ on a regular basis.

51.  Think about the idea of conceptualism brought to light form the LeWitt research.

52.  Regularly look at the chaos that makes up the day to day and try to create from it.

53.  Draw comparisons between Tomma Abts’ paintings and the work being produced.  

54.  Be aware that although the work has been consciously been different it is actually a bit the same.

55.  When a piece of work has not more that can be done to it, look back to the notebook and start a fresh. 


.  MUSIC - I have my mum and dad to thank for my love of music, (one of the only things I have to thank my dad for!)  I love music, I NEED it in my life. I have my music library playing all day everyday, then, when I'm at work or in the studio I make sure I have my music there too! I listen mostly to punk music, and most of its sub genres and influences; ska, two tone, reggae, pop punk, etceteraaaaaaah! I play the saxophone but not very well I really need to practise some more, and I can play basic piano. I was in the choir at school and have an elevated sense of my ability to sing. (I know that I can't really sing, but I still do .. ALL THE TIME... )  One day I will be in a band. I just think I'm not quite ready yet. I need to be more confident, and I feel, as my mum has told me for years, that it is coming with age!

. ART - most art .. my most favorites are Tracey Emin, Louise Bourgeoise, Sol le witt, Caravaggio, and a slew of different graffiti artists. I have tried my hand at a lot of different practices, from photography to painting, and everything in between. Up until moving to college when i was 18 i hadn't done a lot of painting, and had focused mainly on textiles, i took for GCSE and managed to get an A* so it seemed logical to carry on with what i was good at. Since college I haven't so much as touched a sewing machine, I have been painting and looking into new media, film sound and so forth. 

. PHILOSOPHY - I looked into studying art and philosophy as a dual honors degree course, but the only university that offered it at the time, that i would have been able to get into, was Dundee, and i decided it was too far away. I have not regretted it, but still strive to read philosophy in my free time. I also have peers who are studying philosophy and so am exposed to philosophy as much as anything else at university !

 .FUN - Life is so hard. Life really is so hard. So i try to have as much fun as possible. I don't mean necessarilty going out to nightclubs and partying, (although I do do my fair share of this!) but by spending a couple of hours a week with my best friends and playing silly games that we played when we were children; hide and seek, stuck in the mud, simon says, connect four to name just a few of our past times. We spend our time racing each other, telling stories, drawing pictures, and colouring in.

 ... All of these things are things that contribute to my work. I live art, I feel like everything I do in my life could be attributed to an art project. i hope that my lust for life and my passion for art shows through in my work...